QUICKFLEX REVOLUTIO Stretch Heat transfer film 15" X 1 YD White

  • Model: CH151YW
  • Manufactured by: Chemica French
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Chemica QUICKFLEX REVOLUTION Stretch Heat transfer film 15" X 1 YD White

The QuickFlex Revolution is the latest generation of super soft & quick to apply heat transfer vinyl. 100% matte finish.

- Super thin, you don't feel it.
- Super flexible, for stretchy fabrics.
- Super easy to use, decrease in production time.
- Super easy to cut, using a 45deg flex blade.
- Super easy to weed, and peel warm or cold.

It is a water based PU that uses zero solvent in its production process, which helps reduce carbon footprint. Applicable on ANY KIND of textiles, such as nylon, cotton, acrylic. Perfect for fashion garments sportswear and baby clothing.

With only a 5 second press, you will save time and money with QuickFlex!

It is thin, stretchable, and has a soft hand.

No need to purchase an additional product when you need some stretch!

Application instructions
Cut the material in reverse with a Flex blade
Weed the excess material
Heat press on the garment at 330 ° F & Protect the polyester carrier with silicone paper 5 sec - medium pressure
Peel the carrier off when cold
Adheres to:
100% polyester
100% cotton
Poly/cotton blends
Acrylic and similar fibers
Care Instructions
Observe garment's care instructions
Allow 24 hours before washing
Iron only the back side
Washing Instructions:
Observe garment instructions
Turn garment inside out
Max 140F
NO bleach
Tumble-dry approved
Dry cleaning approved