Upgrade GreatCut from 1, 2 to GreatCut 3 for GCC Vinyl Cutter

  • Model: G3
  • Manufactured by: GCC USA
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Item#: G3

Upgrade GreatCut from 1, 2 to GreatCut 3,

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What's new in GreatCut 3?

1. CorelDRAW X7 - Cut directly from vector graphics software CorelDRAW.

2. Illustrator CC - Cut directly from the vector-based graphics and drawing software Adobe Illustrator.

3. Inkscape - Cuts directly from the free, platform-independent software Inkscape which allows editing and creation of vector graphics.

4. Direct cutting - Cuts direct out of the base software (i.e. CorelDRAW) without having GreatCut on the screen (New).

5. Do not need to send parameter data, the settings for speed and blade pressure can be set either in GreatCut or at the cutter display (New).

6. Multiple cutting – cut thick and resistant materials easier (New).

7. Plotter origin point on the GreatCut working area can be set at the position wherever you want (New).

8. Output size can be calibrated to compensate inaccuracies of the cutter (New).

System requirements:
- Windows* XP from SP3, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 Bit)

Possible host programs:
- CorelDRAW* 6-X7
- Adobe Illustrator* 8-CS6, CC
- Macromedia Freehand* 8-MX
- Inkscape