Glass Decor UP to 7 year out door Frosted Glass Décor film

  • Model: GD12-1Y
  • Manufactured by: Tape Technologies USA
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Item#: GD12-24

USA Made Glass Decor 24 x 12 Frosted Glass Décor film

Glass Décor films are translucent, non-colored vinyls with “dusted” and “frosted” finishes for decoration of glass windows, mirrors or doors for an etched, frosted or sandblasted look. The face is a translucent matte 3-mil cadmium-free vinyl, and is coated with a durable permanent acrylic adhesive with excellent wet out characteristics for clarity. An 83# white Kraft liner offers stability and layflat. The product has good dimensional stability and is designed for excellent cutting and weedability.

Features and Benefits:
- Competitive pricing and significant cost savings over etching or sandblasting
- First class dimensional stability
- Durability indoors or out
- Trouble-free computer cutting
- Excellent layflat characteristics on plotter tables

Typical Uses:
- Frosted window decoration: simulate an etched glass or sandblasting look

Durability: 7 years