12" x 24" Glow in the dark Photoluminescent Film

  • Model: GW2412
  • Manufactured by: Tape Technologies USA
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Item#: GW2412

12" X 24" X 1 Sheet Glow in the dark Photoluminescent Film

Styletech PHA4 Photoluminescent Film

Styletech PHA4 Photoluminescent Film is a flexible film that is perfect for marking pathway obstructions that may be hazardous in blackout and very smoky conditions. This tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, and is immediately visible in sudden darkness.
Providing you with all of the physical characteristics of our PHA10, this product will satisfy most of your day to day requirements and is very cost competitive..
PHA 4 film easily affixes to most wood, metal, concrete, plaster and painted surfaces. This film is reliable for 4 + hours of visibility and is perfect for your low-level emergency egress system.

PHA 4 - Photoluminescent Film

Tape Technologies Photoluminescent Film (PHA4) is a high performance photoluminescent film for signage. This film is rechargeable for “glow in the dark” signs. Photoluminescent absorbs visual lights and automatically glows in the dark for at least 4 hours once fully charged. It is dimensionally stable and offers excellent resistance to chemicals and stains.
No radioactive materials are used in the manufacturing of this product and it may be safely disposed of in a sanitary landfill.
Face Film: 9 to 11 mils film with a light yellow/green glossy appearance
Adhesive: Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
Release liner: 75lb. Yellow liner
Application Temperature: 64°F to 77°F
Service Temperature: -40°F to 158°F
77 mcd/m2 after 10 min
31 mcd/m2 after 30 min
12 mcd/m2 after 60 min
Estimated values by visual observation.


Styletech Photoluminescent film is primarily intended for interior luminous labels, signs and markings. It is not intended for application to complex curved, corrugated or riveted surfaces. It is not intended for surfaces subject to gasoline spills or vapors and is recommended for interior applications only. The performance life may vary depending on application processes and techniques. When properly processed and applied, this product will remain highly effective for up to 6 years.