Engineering Grade Reflective Sign Vinyl - 12'' x 24''

  • Model: RF12-24
  • Manufactured by: Tape Technologies USA
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Item#: RF12-24

Durability: 7 years

12'' x 24" Color Engineering Grade reflective vinyl film

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White, Red, Blue, Gold, Yellow, Orange. Black

Flexible reflective film (Engineering Grade) providing wide-angle reflectivity of incident light and giving excellent night and day visibility. The face is made with a layer of microscopic glass beads of a high optical quality. These are embedded into a colored film, which then act as a lens. A metallized back provides the mirrored surface for reflection. The film is coated with a white , high strength, permanent, acrylic adhesive. A 92# white
polycoated paper liner offers stability and excellent layflat qualities.

Engineering Grade retroreflective sheeting is a closed lens material that renders high retroreflectivity at night. It is designed for use mainly on traffic signs and is highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions. Traffic signs faced with STYLETECH Brand sheeting and transparent process colors are attractive in appearance and highly visible during both day and night, and contribute greatly to driving safety. This sheeting is available in Six colors.

Features and Benefits:
• Easy to cut and to weed.
• Very flexible and can be applied over rivets and corrugated surfaces

Typical Uses:
• Vehicle markings
• 24 Hour-a-day eye catching decorations and vehicle identifications