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Flexistarter 12 Cloud version

(PC windows version only)

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1. Once we process your order, you will receive a register email from us with all your license inforamtion.
2. Then you need visit SAi cloud website and registger your unique license code and download the latest version of flexistarter Cloud.

Software Descriptions:

Flexistarter "Cloud" runs smoothly on windows10, 8 and 7system, 64bit or 32bit , than any previous versions of flexistarter software. Inadditional to that, Flexistarter 10 also runs smoothly on Windows Vista (32bit, or 64bit), and Windwos XP system.

Flexi sets a new industry standard with robust new features geared toward maximizing production,
all while striving to create a sustainable future.

Flexi excels as a one-stop software solution with a wealth of industry-specific design tools, thousands of drivers to run cutters, printers and hybrids, all wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
FlexiStarter 12 has the most powerful import filters, which can open your design files from Adobe CS or Coreldraw software and many other vector based design software.

Windows system required for running FlexiStarter Cloud
Windows 10,8, windows 7 all versions (32bit or 64bit)m Windows Vista all versions, Windows XP system

Vinyl cutter that supported by FlexiStarter Cloud

For full flexistarter 12 support vinyl cutter, Click Here .

Flexi starter software support all the major vinyl cutter on the market, such as Roland, Graphtec, Mimaki, Mutoh, Master, Ioline, Summa etc, just names of few.In additional, Flexistarter also support these cutter's from China:

870T, 870DS, and all other models.


MH-series (MH-871, MH-720 etc.),
LaserPoint Series.
Copam CP Series
Creation Series
Zen Series

R-series (R-24, R-31)
Vinyl Express Q series
Lynx series

GCC all models

Other Models:
ArtCut SD1360

**Advanced Contour Cutting Feature**

For the first time, Our New FlexiStarter 10 now supports precise contour cutting with all the vinyl cutters, including LaserPoint cutter and any regular cutter without laserpoint.Please see the following brief steps on how to do contour cutting with flexistarter 10 software from us.

** Important notice:
All the vinyl cutters, no matter what brands, support contour cutting. You just need flexistarter10 to make this happen.

FlexiStarter10 is the best way to utilize your vinyl cutter and turn it into a contour cutting unit and make your more sucess in your business.

Steps to make contour cutting job by FlexiStarter 10

Step 1:
Import or Design your logos, then add contour cutting lines and registration marks by FlexiStarter 10


Step 2:
Print out your designs from your inkjet printer or laserjet printer


Step 3:
Bring the prints to the vinyl cutter and process the alignment of the preprint registration marks.

Step 4:
Do the contour cutting by your vinyl cutter

FlexiStarter "Cloud" Major feature listing

Workspace Profiles
Snapping Commands

Import Standard File Formats
(Adobe Illustrator AI(CS), EPS, DXF, DWG, CDR,PLT, JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG,PCX,BMP, WMF,CMX, etc)

Export Standard File Formats
Flexi 5/6/7/8 files Import/Export

Casmate Import/Export
Tool Tips
Context Menus
Tip of the Day
Undelete Items

Freehand drawing
Show Fills
Show Path Direction
Zoom Tools

Group/Ungroup/Ungroup all
Make /Release /Lock Guides
Convert Text to Outlines
Convert Stroke to Outlines
Path Direction
Deskew Horizontal/Deskew Vertical

TrueType/Type 1/Flexifont/
Casfont Font Support
Horizontal Text
Vertical Text
Block Text
Change Case
On Screen Kerning
Break apart/Join together
Text Orientation

Tracing/Paths Design Tools
Bezier path tool
Freehand Drawing Tool
Point Selector tool

Color Mixer
Fill/Stroke Editor
RGB Support
CMYK Support
LAB Support
HSB Support
Spot Color Support
Spot Color Shade Percentage
Vinyl Color Libraries
Find Closest Matching Color
View Filter

Production Manager
Network Production
Receive Jobs from Local Computer
Receive Jobs from a network computer
Make Setup Active/Inactive
Setup Multiple Output Devices
Automatic Tiling
Manual Cut Tiling
Settable Tile Overlap
Number of Copies/Copy Spacing
Rotate in 90deg Increments
Scale to Size
Scale by Percentage
Fit to Media
Zoom to Preview

Output to Network Port (TCP/IP)
Output to File
Move Job to Another Queue
Hold or Delete Job after Sending
Desktop Printing
Desktop Printing - Scale to page
Desktop Printing - Tile large jobs

Vinyl Cutting
Contour Cutting
Knife offset
Easyweeding border

Fill Plot
Registration Marks
Interactive Cutter Control

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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